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Updated 28th August 2018. Latest Starbuy units.

1 Bedroom
Was $1,829,200
Now $1,774,324

2 Bedroom
Was $2,216,550
Now $2,150,054

2 Bedroom Premium
Was $2,683,780
Now $2,603,267

Prices subject to change without notice.

8 Hullet Project Details

Luxurious Elegance At Orchard Road’s Doorstep
Nestled in the heart of Singapore City’s prestigious district 9, 8 Hullet sits over glamorous Orchard Road where luxury, entertainment and style unfolds with every step you take.

8 Hullet is a residential condominium strategically located at Singapore’s exclusive shopping belt where the modern convenience of dining, entertainment and good schools is balanced with the quaint and private neighbourhood of a national heritage site.

An exclusive sanctuary in the midst of exciting city living, 8 Hullet features 12 floors of 44 apartments rising above a beautiful verdant garden that serves as space for relaxation and moments of serenity.

Designed with an exquisite arrangement of panelled spacings, her brilliant architecture endows Orchard Road’s panoramic skyline with a touch of elegance under a celebration of stars.

Each luxurious apartment offers spectacular aerial views of Singapore’s cityscape allowing for breath-taking experiences from dusk till dawn.

With the city as your home, awake to an urban adventure promenading down Orchard Road, soaking in urban city thrills before an elegant evening escapade.

The City Is Your Home
From vibrant Somerset to the artistic Orchard Cineleisure, experience a kaleidoscope of shopping, lifestyle and cultural adventures where the splendour of cosmopolitan living is at your fingertips.

At 8 Hullet Road, the city is your home with each day bringing a new experience waiting to be celebrated.

I. Your Galleria
Indulge in a plethora of shopping experiences at trendy boutiques before skipping to the nearest mega-mall for a retail adventure that knows no end.

A Shopping Paradise Fulfilling Your Every Desire
Step into one of Asia’s most sophisticated and diverse shopping destinations.

Beginning at iconic ION and stretching to Plaza Singapura, be lured by the dazzling shoppes at Paragon and Mandarin Gallery’s wall-to-wall glitz, capturing your attention with beautiful displays showcasing everything from high-fashion couture to boutique vintage collections.

Every Luxury & Convenience Within Reach
From quaint cafes & yoga studios to medical facilities including Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Orchard Road serves as your home brimming with amenities anyone could desire.

II. Your Dining Room
Experience the best of Singapore as you embark on a culinary adventure where the city provides endless dining options to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Culinary Experiences & Epicurean Adventures
Known as the food capital of the world, be spoilt for choice as you being your exploration of culture through tantalising food. From French Michelin Star creations to sizzling Japanese fusion food, each dish brings with it a unique signature taste turning each bit into a savoury experience and each meal an epicurean adventure.

Be it family celebrations or candle-lit dinners, Orchard Road provides the perfect setting whether you choose to dine-in luxury or feast over a hearty fare filled with laughter and conversations.

III. Your Entertainment Room
Catch blockbuster hits in Orchard Road’s modern cinemas for a sensory experience before the evening unveils a fabulous nightlife that includes exquisite wine-bars and elegant lounges.

Endless Excitement Around-The-Clock
Home to perhaps Asia’s greatest cinema collection, catch every new blockbuster hit straight from Hollywood as you relax in luxurious theatres.

Lining the streets of Orchard Road towards Emerald Hill is a collection of quaint and charming bars, serving up everything from aged whiskey to vintage wines and Havana cigars under a backdrop of music and live performances emanating from the ever popular bars.

IV. Your Garden
Stroll through Emerald Hill taking in Singapore’s rich colonial past as character filled conservation streets enchants your path amidst perfect lush greenery.

A Tranquil Walk Brimming With Charm
Soak in quiet moments of tranquillity as you navigate down streets rich in Peranakan heritage evident by Chinese Baroque architecture that surrounds it.

A Lush Entrance Heralds Your Arrival

Life’s Luxurious Moments In The Serenity Of Home
A lush forest feature wall uplifts and inspires arrivals while an azure pool on the ground floor beckons residents for a rejuvenating afternoon respite.

Bask in gorgeous serenity as you stretch out on the lawn ringed by the architectural brilliance while falling asleep to the chirps and sways of nature’s harmonic dance.

Discover timeless tranquillity at 8 Hullet, a private enclave at the doorstep fo the city’s glitz and glamour.

A Sanctuary Oasis In The Heart Of The City

Effortless Elegance Spacious Living
Ride up the private lift direct to your apartment where a curated selection exquisite furnishings awaits you. Hold an afternoon gathering with friends before indulging in an evening respite with the family in your personal haven. Come home to a world of luxurious elegance where every comfort you desire is within reach.

Stunning City Panoramas Amidst A Verdant Oasis
Lined generously with floor to ceiling windows, each apartment enjoys an abundance of natural lighting. These spacious homes feature private balconies, allowing for a breathtaking view of the orchard skyline while soaking in the city’s gentle night breeze.

Unveil Orchard Road’s Sparkling Beauty At 8 Hullet

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